Friday, April 27, 2012

GOGOPedro's 100 Hand SLAP!

Hey fellas,

Sorry these are so late… I'm making sure to post them up before issuing the next challenge. Which should post shortly.
On the whole I'm pretty happy with how I handled the exercise, but plan to do more like this in the future to beef up my knowledge of anatomy and depicting the hand… I tried to draw as much as I could while reminding myself, that I should always practice… Always... Every Day...

Originally I thought I'd just work from random photos but, then I remembered that I had this book titled "The Book of a Hundred Hands" By George B. Bridgman.
It's a beautiful little book with plenty of descriptive hand drawings, along with the breakdown of structures within the hand, fingers, and the thumb. I looked at his drawings for inspiration, and also found myself redrawing hands multiple times to get a feeling for it as well as trying to work with line and some tone on a halftone sheet to study volume. Wanted to bust out some white pencil highlights in these image... Sadly, I ran out of time...

Well Onward to the next challenge!

Hope you dig,

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