Monday, May 7, 2012


Not exactly. Dropped the ball on this one as you can see.

For a sick man Delgado- that's some fancy drawring.

Where you at Liam? Next topic's on you sir. What's it gonna be?

Next round i'm haulin ass.


Saturday, May 5, 2012

GOGOPedro's Skullduggery...

Sorry for the excessive note taking on these. They should be semi legible if you zoom in a tad.

Hey Guys, I hope your Skull drawings are a day late.

I'm just glad this week has finally wrapped up. I was blindsided with a heavy duty viral illness one Wednesday and it K.O.ed me for the next two days. Didn't go to work, didn't get out of bed, and basically felt like crap while I was hounded by fever demons. I've not been that sick in some time.
Sadly, this also means I didn't get in quite as much drawing as I would have liked but, "EH, them's the breaks" I'll have to do more skull type drawings and studies on my own time. Right?
Well, this is I was able to bang out during my shortened week of drawing. All apologies for the quality of the scans. I'm Looking forward to whatever the next challenge is..

Hope you dig.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Handy Man

Here are some pages. Not quite 100 hands, but I make up for it with hand people...which I have a film idea for...COPYRIGHT, PATENT PENDING. Even though people have done that a million times already...oh cool....SKULLS!!!

100 hands

Running late but here are my hands.


QUEST #2: Skulldiggeryduggery.

Tis' Now time Time for Quest Number TWO,
While I was drawing Hands for the challenge last week my friend Simon (a super skilled artist) mentioned that he'd had a former art teacher tell him, "If you can DRAW a HAND, you can DRAW ANYTHING.."

This comment got me thinking about one of my College professors (the talented Eugene Clark) saying to his students, "EVERY Artist really should understand how to draw the SKULL."

In that class We spent weeks working on how to draw the skull… I drew and redrew the thing from multiple vantage points trying to grasp the shape and structure. The goal was to draw skulls until I felt comfortable drawing them out of my head (I had a test on it) and could label its parts and notable features. We even went to the Natural History Museum in Ann Arbor to draw the Animals Skeletons that they had there. I miss doing stuff like that, My skeletal drawing studies are rusty. And I don't like the feeling.

SO,….Here's my challenge.
We're gonna draw some SKULLS!
Both human and animal. I suggest that we each select a small variety of other critters (mammals, birds, reptile, fish, etc.) along with a human skull. I think five or six individual creatures is a good number overall. But, feel free to branch out.
Then dig up some reference and STUDY IT! I mean really pick at it.
Do a handful of rough drawings and work at them until you'd feel comfortable rattling off the shapes and volumes out of your noggin'… Really focus on conveying mass and volume in your drawings, this might mean using shading or crosshatching and perhaps working on a toned surface to add in some kind of highlights… Digital rendering might work well also. Work on bringing a few of your studies to a more finished state. Try capturing the texture of the bones the presence of sutures from when the skull is formed, even the textural difference between teeth and other areas of bone..

In the end you'll hopefully have some pages that feel like wildlife anatomy studies. Moreover, your shooting to attain an better understanding of volumes in this important bone structure. Post um all up by next Friday and, do be sure to share your sketches as well. I'm Looking forward to seeing what you lads turn out.

Best of luck!

Friday, April 27, 2012

GOGOPedro's 100 Hand SLAP!

Hey fellas,

Sorry these are so late… I'm making sure to post them up before issuing the next challenge. Which should post shortly.
On the whole I'm pretty happy with how I handled the exercise, but plan to do more like this in the future to beef up my knowledge of anatomy and depicting the hand… I tried to draw as much as I could while reminding myself, that I should always practice… Always... Every Day...

Originally I thought I'd just work from random photos but, then I remembered that I had this book titled "The Book of a Hundred Hands" By George B. Bridgman.
It's a beautiful little book with plenty of descriptive hand drawings, along with the breakdown of structures within the hand, fingers, and the thumb. I looked at his drawings for inspiration, and also found myself redrawing hands multiple times to get a feeling for it as well as trying to work with line and some tone on a halftone sheet to study volume. Wanted to bust out some white pencil highlights in these image... Sadly, I ran out of time...

Well Onward to the next challenge!

Hope you dig,

Thursday, February 16, 2012

QUEST #1: 100 Hands!!!

Knights of the roundtable unsheath your pencils! Your first task is at hand!

See what i did there? with the italics?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it (there's no choice but to accept it,) is to attempt to draw one hundred hands of various shapes and sizes.

I've included the above image as a starting point.

These are due next Fri 4/27, so you have a little over 1 week to get at least....5...10...COME ON!....100 hands...completed.

That Friday a new post will go up with mission #2. Whatever you guys decide that is.

Happy hunting? Drawing? Pencil Shaving?