Saturday, May 5, 2012

GOGOPedro's Skullduggery...

Sorry for the excessive note taking on these. They should be semi legible if you zoom in a tad.

Hey Guys, I hope your Skull drawings are a day late.

I'm just glad this week has finally wrapped up. I was blindsided with a heavy duty viral illness one Wednesday and it K.O.ed me for the next two days. Didn't go to work, didn't get out of bed, and basically felt like crap while I was hounded by fever demons. I've not been that sick in some time.
Sadly, this also means I didn't get in quite as much drawing as I would have liked but, "EH, them's the breaks" I'll have to do more skull type drawings and studies on my own time. Right?
Well, this is I was able to bang out during my shortened week of drawing. All apologies for the quality of the scans. I'm Looking forward to whatever the next challenge is..

Hope you dig.

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